Grady Morgan McElhenney


High Concept: Ex-Hockey Player Ram Lycanthrope Bouncer at The Rage

Template: Lycanthrope (ram)

Trouble: Head-butt disciplined a werewolf at The Rage.

Doesn’t know when to stop

Extremely territorial

Knows a lot of people, easily recognizable

Frequently jumps to conclusions

Not afraid to break some rules

Superb +5: Fists

Great +4: Weapons, Endurance

Good +3: Might, Intimidation

Fair +2: Athletics, Survival, Conviction

Average +1: Alertness, Contacts, Driving, Deceit

Stunts and Powers
-1 Echoes of the Beast

+2 Human Form (Involuntary Change)

During a full moon
-2 Inhuman strength

-2 Inhuman recovery

Adjusted Refresh: 5

Physical: 0000

Mental: 000

Social: 00

Has visceral reaction to brunettes with short hair and angular faces


Phase 1: Second generation Irish. Born is Boston, MA. Medium middle class family. Close to family. High school punk, lots of fights, lots of trouble. High school diploma. Delinquent friends, drinking buddies. Supernatural powers present but not identified in youth. Did some time in juvenile hall, youth mental ward.
Aspect: Doesn’t know when to stop.

Phase 2: Community college, collegiate hockey league. Joined San Jose Sharks at age 22, kicked out at age 23. Bouncer at The Rage since age 26. Time in jail, hanging out with bar/drinking buddies. Family still important. Over protective of family/home.
Aspect: Extremely territorial

Phase 3: Grady came into work one afternoon to find a female corpse near the emergency exit. He called the authorities and his supervisor, reporting that she had large holes drilled in through her neck. The cops asked if Grady had seen the victim in the club commonly, and he had. The victim was relatively popular , danced with a lot of patrons (male and female), and Grady saw her often speaking with people towards the rear of the building. Many of the folks she was seen with Grady also recognized, but he rarely bothered to talk with her.
Aspect: Knows a lot of people, easily recognizable

Phase 4: Grady met FBI agent James Ulysses DiAngelo when he helped provide information that eventually led to the bust of the drug crime ring circulating through the nightclubs. Later, when the victim was found in the rear of the club with holes drilled in her neck, Grady consulted James again to ask/suggest if the murder could be related, as the victim was also pale and had simlar physical features to the bound victim.
Aspect: Frequently jumps to conclusions.

Phase 5: The club gets roughened up with thrashing vampires. The spell slinger Robert appears on the scene to assist, throwing a lot of them and breaking shit. Grady asks him to come by the club more often to make his job easier. He’s always covered (no charge). Pals now.
Aspect: Not afraid to break some rules.

Grady Morgan McElhenney

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