James Ulysses DiAngelo


High Concept: FBI Paranormal Countermeasure Investigator

Template: Pure Mortal

Trouble: Wrench in Government Gears

Lying self mechanism

Ends don’t justify means

Always on the job

Curiosity killed the cat

Someone told me once…

Superb +5: Investigation

Great +4: Scholarship, Guns

Good +3: Conviction, Buglary

Fair +2: Endurance, Driving, Rapport

Average +1: Athletics, Fists, Stealth, Contacts

Stunts and Powers
-1 Pin the Tail (investigation)

-1 Scene of the Crime (investigation)

-1 Capable Researcher (scholarship)

-1 Pin Them Down (guns)

-1 The Big Picture (burglary)

-1 Like the Back of My Hand (driving)

-1 Resilient Self Image (conviction)

-1 No Pain No Gain

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Physical: 000

Mental: 0000

Social: 00


Phase 1: Jim comes from an upper-middle class family from Roseville. He was an intelligent but introverted individual whose imagination got the better of him, often landing him in therapy sessions for seeing imaginary creatures. After manipulating his therapists, his natural intellect landed him into Stanford, where he studied computer science.
Aspect: Lying self mechanism

Phase 2: James has been working for Dr. Jacob Eisenzimmer, FBI psychologist researching people who have been victims of violent crimes caused by unexplainable occurrences. Chief Richard Anderson has James investigate a strange toxin causing euphoria and producing addictions more potent than opium. Looking for the source of the opiate, chief Anderson was willing to use the opiate in order to extract information from a suspect. Appalled, James tainted the supply, preventing the use of power beyond comprehension.
Aspect: Ends don’t justify means.

Phase 3: James was investigating a new hyperopiate called “Fairy’s Kiss,” which was being distributed through a network of nightclubs. James was aided by Grady Morgan McElhenney with finding the ring of drug dealers who were distributing the drug out of The Rage. The drug ring was disbanded by law enforcement, and the source appeared to be the saliva of an enslaved pale woman. The vampire died, but samples of the drug were recovered for study by the FBI
Aspect: Always on the job

Phase 4: James, a frequent visitor to The Rage due to the strange occurrences that frequent the place, comes across Robert, who in a not so nonchalant display of power nearly brings down the building. James evacuates many civilians. This was James’ first display of supernatural power. James helped by shooting vampires.
Aspect: Curiosity killed the cat

Phase 5: James aided Mark David Keller after learning of the questionable nature of the monastery destruction. James sets up Mark with a job at a local church to better keep an eye on him. After learning of the vampires in two separate instances, he starts to consult with Mark on the supernatural.
Aspect: Someone told me once…

James Ulysses DiAngelo

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