Mark David Keller


High Concept: Lone surviving member of The Righteous Hand

Trouble: Hunted by The Red Hand

Template: Champion of God

God has a plan.

Protects people at all costs.

Let’s talk this through.

Can’t let it go.

Beacon of faith.

Superb +5: Conviction

Great +4: Weapons, Presence

Good +3: Fists, Athletics

Fair +2: Endurance, Discipline, Empathy

Average +1: Alertness, Guns, Driving, Rapport

Stunts and Powers
-1 Bless this house
-1 Guide my hand
-1 Holy touch
-2 Righteousness

Adjusted Refresh: 3

Physical: 000

Mental: 0000

Social: 0000


Phase 1: I was raised by monks in a monastery high in the Rockies. I was taught to be fair and righteous and about the power of faith.
Aspect: God has a plan.

Phase 2: At the age of 23 I was invited to join the Righteous Hand, a secret organization that protects mortals from supernatural danger. They trained me to use weapons and about different supernatural forces that prey on humans.
Aspect: Protects people at all costs.

Phase 3: A sorcerer was sent to destroy The Righteous Hand. I was sent to try and reason with him. I was promptly captured and held prisoner while the sorcerer destroyed the rest of The Righteous Hand. During the night I escaped.
Aspect: Let’s talk this through.

Phase 4: Once I saw a young woman sneak into a local club early in the morning. Later, the news reported that the girl was killed. I went by the club and spoke with Grady Morgan McElhenney . He said the case was unsolvable, but I was unwilling to let it end that way.
Aspect: Can’t let it go.

Phase 5: After a few years of being on the run, I settled down in Sacramento. James helped me find a job as a church grounds keeper. James would stop by from time to time to talk. After a trying and confusing drug bust, James came to ask me some serious questions. I did my best to reassure him and to maintain his faith.
Aspect: Beacon of faith.

Mark David Keller

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